Nine dieting rules for effective weightloss

Dieting according to an online encyclopedia is the practice of eating food in a regulated and supervised fashion to decrease, maintain or increase body weight. One key to a successful diet result is obedience. If you obey the rues and regulations you will get the desired result.

So you have made up your mind to start your weightloss journey by dieting? Follow these rules for effective weightloss and you are set for a good result. I have broken​ the rules into two parts: the dos and the don’ts.

Dos of dieting for weightloss

1. Eat food rich in fiber

If you are dieting, it is pertinent that your food be rich in fiber, so that the little food intake will be nutritious and filling, therefore, keeping you healthy and full throughout the day. Resist calories loaded foods. Example of fibre rich foods are cereal, whole grain, wheat bread, oatmeal etc.

2. Drink enough water

Take clean and pure water at interval to boost your energy. The recommended amount of water to drink per day is 8 glasses. So when dieting instead of you marring the journey with consumption of fizzy drinks and juices, replace them with water. Remember that those drinks are loaded with empty calories. Water is quite filling, helps in better digestion and also helps to clear the system of built-up toxins.

3. Eat in small portion

Nutritionists advocate eating in small portion throughout the day. Portion moderation will keep you full all day and helps you refrain from grabbing junks. So instead of finishing a bowl of food at a go, try and eat them in bits, that way you wouldn’t be taking in more calories than expected.

4. Use hand-fist measurement for all your consumption

This method works perfectly well for dieters. Whatever healthy food you are consuming shouldn’t exceed your hand fist size, so as to reduce calories intake, which is a culprit in dieting for weightloss.

5. Eat balanced diet

Most times, we do not know how to combine our foods to get the maximum result. You need to consult the experts in the field. Get the nutritionists, food technologists, food scientists, and dietitians to assist you in getting your food combination right. Contact me now for your affordable mealplan.

Don’ts of dieting for weightloss

6. Don’t starve yourself

It will be an effort in futility if you go starving yourself. Experts say you will be slowing down your metabolism. So eat but make sure you do so in a healthy way and in little portion.

7. Dump junk foods

These foods are high in sugar and loaded with heavy calories. They raise your taste bud leaving you  with cravings for more of the sugary stuff, and this automatically means consuming more calories. Refrain from eating junks when dieting.

8. Reduce or don’t eat fatty food

Saturated fat should be eliminated from your menu; these fats hinder progress in the dieting journey. They line up cells in the body, thus making easy digestion almost impossible. So avoid them foods such as red meat, bacon and butter.

9. Don’t be a food lover

Dieting and food addiction cannot go together. Because if you need to lose weight through dieting, then you must look the other way when food is staring you in the face. Refrain from always been around food and learn to restrict your intake to the set calories intake for the day.

Follow these rules and you are fit for life.

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Practicable fun ways to lose weight daily

It is on record that about 3500 calories add up to make a body pound. To lose these amount of calories per day, you need to continuously expend energy or cut down your calories consumption or engage in exercises like cardio and aerobics to burn fat. Now this two options seem like a big deal because giving up your favorite junk and exercising regularly are no child’s play.

The aim of this week’s publication is to present you with techniques you can use to burn calories without doing any hardwork. Remember that I am an advocate of 80/20 — weightloss has more to do with what you eat than how you exercise. Also, consistency is the best approach to whichever method you adopt for your journey; it is better to exercise 40 minutes per day everyday than to workout 2 hours a day twice in a week.

Below are some activities you can integrate with your daily routine to burn calories

  • If your office located in a storey building ditch the elevator and use the staircases to and fro. You can’t imagine how many calories you will burn with this little exercise.
  • What about standing? If you have an interesting novel you can stand reading it and because you are fascinated by the novel, you could actually be standing for up to 3 hours unknowingly and this cutting of calories add up over time.
  • Do you feel so lazy to workout? Do not worry, inculcate the habits of trekking to your favorite mall for shopping, and if luckily for you the mall is a storey building, aim to shop on the third or fourth floor. Use the staircase to get to your destination, and after shopping use it again to descend, not the lift or elevator.
  • You could deliberately be a little late for work, an event or an occasion, so that you could either be walking briskly or almost running or jogging to get to your destination.
  • You can also expend energy while sitting, the aim is not to sit still while on your seat. You could recline on your chair or be tapping your leg on the floor, turning, twisting, leaning forward and backward. All these little movements are exercises that you expend energy to do and it simply means cutting down calories and ultimately losing weight.
  • Don’t make that call or use the intercom if you need anything in the same building. The trick is make that to and fro messaging, dropping of files or any activity yourself by getting up to do them instead of using another person or technology. This goes a long way to help you expend energy and cut calories.

Which of these activities do you love?

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Three fun and relaxative ways to lose weight

The saying that little drops make an ocean also applies to weightloss. It is so because the result you get after a period of time are benefits of combined efforts you make to become fit. Contrary to popular belief, you can actually lose weight in exciting and enjoyable ways. This includes some of the activities you engage in on a daily basis.

Here are some fun and relaxative calories cutting routine you should also try for your weightloss journey.

1. Go sightseeing

Do know that you can burn calories if you go sightseeing more often? During sightseeing, you are bound to move around from one end of the location to the other, while you feed your eyes and at the same time burn enough calories. So visit that new vicinity or neighborhood that you are yet to see in order to burn fat while exploring your environment. However, be mindful of what you eat during your outing. I previously published a post about how you can eat healthy if you have to eat out. Read it here and use it as a guide for your next sightseeing.

2. Play games you love

So you love playing games, then make it a habit to indulge in one or two after the day’s work. Do not just eat, shower and go to bed; also relax your nerves with enjoyable games. You could play table tennis, basketball or even the games on your smart phone. You can also involve your kids and play piggy back with them. If you participate in games that you love, you stand to gain in two ways — you will burn calories and also catch some fun with your loved ones. Click to read more about “exergaming” on WebMD.

3. Go visit a friend/family

This is another fun thing you do without realizing that you are actually burning calories. Yes, you can cut down calories by calling on your loved ones now and then. When you are with your friends or family, you tend to talk for longer periods without pause. All the gestures and demonstrations can make you sweat, thereby burn calories. You may also engage is some activities such as cooking, and the bustle of moving around the house. Another evidence is the fact that you have to commute from your location to another destination to pay the visit. This too, will help you sweat out even in the smallest way.

Get active. An active woman is a healthy woman.

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