You are responsible for your weight gain

You are the only one responsible for how you choose to look and as such, you should blame yourself for your weight gain and not any other factor. This simple act of responsibility will make you more determined to lose the extra weight.

Here are some reasons for your weight gain.

  1. YOU DON’T EAT AT THE RIGHT TIMEThis is one of those things you indulge in that hinders you from losing weight. Most times, we all are guilty of skipping breakfast because of our busy schedules or because we feel skipping meals will help lose the weight. But, this is actually not true and research has shown that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should not be skipped.Also, due to keeping late night you are most likely to eat late. Eating late is another factor that can make you gain more weight.


  1. TOO MANY CHEAT DAYSThe truth is that you have so many cheat days and as such you find it difficult to lose the weight. Watch your food intake during work days. If you are the type that do not take homemade foods to work, you are liable to eat junks or unhealthy foods from fast food outlets.You should try as much as possible to create a meal plan and stick to it if you truly want to lose weight and also keep fit.


  1. YOU DON’T DRINK ENOUGH WATERWater has so many benefits and one of such is that it helps in the process of weight loss. Not drinking enough water can cause you to eat excess calories that could lead to weight gain. Plus, when you’re dehydrated, your body will preserve water for vital body roles, which can result in water retention and can lead to you gaining more weight.As you can see, none of the above reasons constitute external factors. Your decision to maintain a normal weight starts and ends with you.

    Now talk to me again, one-on-one, will you take charge of your life and stop blaming other factors for your well-being?

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