Best organic protein sources for a healthy diet

Organic protein refers to dietary proteins which are in the form of whole food or supplements. They are organically grown and usually free from chemical induced soil, pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics and artificial additives.

Organic protein is available in powder form and you can mix it with milk or water to form a shake, you can also blend it into smoothies or add it to oatmeal. It is quite healthy for the body and nutritionists have recommended it for various health benefits which include but not limited to:

  • repair of muscle cells damaged during exercises
  • repair of wornout tissues
  • a good source of nutrient for vegetarian diets
  • help with quick recovery after surgery
  • help with fast healing of injuries
  • support the building of muscle mass

Vegans whose diets are lacking in animal protein may be recommended to take plant-based protein. The below listed foods are good sources of organic protein.

Soybeans and soy products

Soy beans are grown organically, that is, without chemical or additives. Soy bean and its products contain amino acids. It could be made into soy protein powder, tempeh, soymilk, roasted soybeans and shakes.

Hemp seed

These nutritional seeds are good source of organic protein. Studies have recorded that hemp seeds are good for fighting heart diseases, reduction of obesity risk and metabolic syndrome. Hemp seed is rich in fiber and omega 3.You can make hemp seeds into protein powder, unsweetened hemp milk and bars.


This food contains a higher dose of protein along with healthy unsaturated fat more than the other sources. It helps make you feel full throughout the day because of its abundant fiber and it also contains a good amount of amino acids.


This organic protein source is a natural gluten-free grain or seed, which studies shows, is a good source of digestion assisting fiber. It also contains calcium and bicep building iron. You can prepare porridge with Amaranths for easy consumption.


Eggs are good source of organic protein. They are very good for vegans and others, who want to stay healthy all year round. The protein in eggs helps to preserve the muscles, promote metabolism, keeps hunger under control, thereby aiding weight loss. You can eat eggs on its own, take it with sandwich or diced in salad.


Spinach contains organic protein just like the other sources of protein. You can retain its nutrients by steaming it, which in turn  will cause it to keep its vitamins. These vitamins boost the absorption of calcium and cut away any bloating effect from vegetables. You may add spinachs to your salads for a healthy diet.


This is also a good source of organic protein, and its nutrients help the heart, brain and muscles to function properly. Beans digest slowly keeping one full for a long period of time. You can eat it  as porridge or soup.

There are several ways to prepare these proteins into yummy looking foods. Like I said in my previous post, get creative and eat healthy.