Five ways to consume pastries the healthy way

The hard truth is that letting go of pastries is a really tough one. Think of it, the deliciousness ?, the sumptuous look and oh! the beautiful colours. But, here is another hard fact, indulging in pastries without slowing down will do you more harm than good. Sorry.

However, if you are a lover of pastries, here are some healthy ways you can indulge in them without too much compromise to your healthy diet.

Prepare the pastries yourself

This gives you the power to add or subtract ingredients that are detrimental to health, unlike when you order them from your favorite fast food joint where they come with loads of calories, unhealthy toppings, dressings and preservatives.

When preparing them yourself, you can eliminate or substitute some ingredients like swapping trans fat with healthy oil. If you are frying, a good non–stick pan should be used to dry fry instead of deep frying. This gives you the advantage to cut down calories, fat and oil, unhealthy dressings that are usually not required.

Eat a little portion a time

Moderation is always important. Do not stuff your system with too much junks. Avoid valued sized items and go for small sizes when it comes to snacks with a lot of dressings and toppings. Satisfy your appetite with little at a time, i.e. eat a slice at a time and save the rest for later.

Customize your orders

If you do not have the time to prepare the pastries yourself at home, then, you can take advantage of special order offer granted by some fast food restaurants. Order for healthier options that are tweaked to suit your desire. You could swap a hamburger for a wheat bun, or a white flour pizza for a wheat pizza.

Go for quality

Go for pastries with quality ingredients, like pastries with more fiber, whole grains and high quality protein. If it means paying more, then don’t hesitate to pay instead of gping for cheaper options that are loaded with unhealthy oil, fats, sugar and calories.

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Steer clear of cheap pastries that are kept fresh with trans fat. Eat healthy pastries with quality toppings of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, cottage cheeses etc. Alright, these recommendations do not come cheap, however, your health is safe when you eat quality food instead of cheap alternatives.

Load up on veggies

Do not be confused about this. Ignore the baseless rumours that adding loads of veggies to your pastries reduces taste and crunchiness. Rather adding veggies is really an easy way to add loads of flavor and vitamins to your food. Load your pizza, pies, buns, hamburger etc, with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, green, red, pepper, mushroom, spinach, broccoli and so on.

Eating healthy is actually fun and it can help you unleash the creativity in you. Now go create some healthy recipes.