Four common posture problems and fixes


All our posts in the past about how to get in good shape have mostly rested on weight loss and fitness routines that are based on diet and exercise. We must not fail to talk about one other important routine. In fact, this one is like the alpha of the pack.

No diet plan and no amount of workout will get one in good shape when one has a posture problem.

As time goes on, posture problems start to affect the spine, shoulder, hips, and knees. This in turn alters the body frame in ways that often lead to back and joint pain, reduced flexibility and compromised muscles, all of which limits the ability of the body to burn fat and build strength.

In this post we like to share four common posture problems and how to fix them.

Overlapping head

When one has an overlapping head, the head shoots forward away from the center of the body form. Having a good posture is about standing upright.


Moving your head, drop your chin down toward the center of your chest, allowing the back of your neck to stretch. Hold it in that position and count to 5. Repeat this routine regularly.

Riunded shoulders

Rounded shoulders happen when the muscles between shoulder and the back are weak.


Lie face down to the floor with each arm stretched out at angle 90° in an high-five position. Keeping the arms in the same angle, raise both arms by pulling your shoulders back and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Hold it in that position and count to five. Repeat this routine from time to time.

Pelvic tilt

A pelvic tilt is when your upper or lower hip bone, also known as the pelvic, tilts forward.


Kneel on your left knee with your right foot in front of you, knee bent. Lean forward until your feel your left hip stretch. Tighten the muscles in your left butt until you feel the front of your left hip stretching freely. Raise your left arm upward and stretch to the right side. Hold it in position and count to 30. Repeat this routine frequently for each side of your hip.

Elevated shoulder

Elevated shoulder occurs when the muscles running from your ribs to your shoulder blades are weak.


Sit upright in a chair with your hands next to your hips, palms face down on the seat and arms straight. Keep the same position and push down on the chair till your hips lift off the seat and your upper and lower chest rises. Keep that position and count to five. Repeat this routine several times from time to time.

A good posture is your ultimate step to having the good shape you wish to get. Pay more attention to your posture as much as your weight loss and fitness plan.

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