Get fit with soy milk

Soy milk popularly known as ‘Soya Milk’ in Nigerian parlance is derived from soy beans.

It is a great alternative over dairy milk because it has a high level of protein, essential fatty acid, vitamins and minerals with exception to the cholesterol and extra saturated fat that is synonymous with dairy milk.

The content of sugar and calories in it is reduced, the lactose level is lower in soy milk than dairy milk because dairy milk has about 12g of sugar per cup as opposed to 7g. It also has high dietary fibre. A cup of soy milk is equivalent to 3 grams of fibre which gives you 12% of your dietary fibre need. It is highly recommended by doctors for diabetic patients.

Fibre is a vital part of our diet and it helps to speed up the transit of food through the body system and also suppresses your appetite making you feel full for a longer time.

Soy milk is the go-to drink for people who have high blood pressure and other heart related diseases because it helps to improve the lipid profile of the blood.

Soy milk fat is unsaturated with zero cholesterol. The mono and poly unsaturated fatty acid in the beans helps to inhibit the transport of fat into the blood unlike dairy milk which is high in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Research has shown that regular consumption of soy milk can reduce the blood concentration of triglycerides and increase the level of high density lipoprotein (HDL).

Do you know that soy milk has some fat burning vitamins? Riboflavin and Vitamin B12. These vitamins are involved in energy production and are important for the metabolism of fatty acids.

Mono unsaturated fatty acid in soy milk also inhibits the intestinal fats and absorption of cholesterol which is a plus for losing weight. Increased daily intake of this milk lowers your exposure to dietary fat.

Soy milk is a key source of protein which helps in development of the body and provides all-round nutrition for all your functional systems.

It also maintains a healthy amount of body muscle which contributes to weight maintenance and nourishes the bones with calcium and phosphorus.

Also regular intake of soy milk plus regular exercise can lead to reduced body fat and higher percentage of lean muscles.

It is beneficial to the men because of phytoestrogen, a unique plant hormone which inhibits the production of testosterone in men.

When the level of testosterone is reduced, the risk of having prostate cancer is minimal and this makes it the best dietary option for the prevention of prostate cancer.

Soy milk is also a great diet supplement because it has a high concentration of isoflavones which promotes bone health and helps to fight against osteoporosis.

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