Highlights from Health Lunch with Hafsah – August Edition

Health Lunch with Hafsah

It is true that when women gather great things happen. The activities at Health Lunch With Hafsah which held yesterday 27th August, 2017 saw this statement come to life. This edition was the 3rd part of FIT AUGUST 2017.

The program held at G’s Place, 8, Aderibigbe Shitta Street, Maryland in Lagos State of Nigeria between the hours of 12pm to 4pm which was the official duration, however, we all had an extra time because the attendees all wanted the fun to continue; yes, it was a fun-filled gathering of sisterhood.

The purpose of the program — Health Lunch with Hafsah — is to bring together women who have the same goal of achieving optimal health under one roof to discuss nutrition, fitness and healthyliving, and also network and connect with each other.

Below is a brief summary of how it went.


The attendees arrived early, even though some of them came from far distances. Some of the attendees are participants in the SlimFitU FITMAX Bootcamp, so, instead of returning home after the exercises, they stayed back, refreshed themselves and prepared for the program. And oh yeah, what better way there is to relax after an early morning workout. Isn’t life just beautiful? Join the fun.


Each attendee introduced herself and everybody was given the opportunity to pitch their businesses to all present, talk of networking.


A fruit mixture of cucumber and water melon was served.


We had 4 guest speakers namely:

  1. Nyma Akashat-Zibiri, On Air personality and co-presenter of Your Views at TV Continental, an international television with Nigerian base.
  2. Dr. Naimah Balogun, a public health communicator
  3. Saidah Shonoiki, organic farmer at Elaxar Farms, Greenskills Centre, Abuja
  4. Fawziyyah Emiabata, international author and founder of Cradle 2 Grave Literacy Foundation.

Each speaker engaged the audience with thought provoking discussions in their individual area of expertise.

Dr. Nimah enjoined us all to take good care of our health as good health, both internally and externally is the basis of personal branding.

Saidah Shonoiki explained the importance of organic foods and even went further to enjoin us all to have at least one plant in our homes, by so doing, we are adding to the oxygen in the environment and also contributing our quota to waste reduction.

Fawziyyah Emiabata who is on a mission to produce as many school libraries as she could, shed light on the importance of well equipped libraries in our schools. She also enjoined us to take time to volunteer or give donations to causes on human development.

Nyma Akashat-Zibiri told us about her journey of courage, selflessness and determination in correcting misconceptions about Muslim women and Islam at large by co-hosting a television program where presenters have the opportunity to bare their minds on societal issues.


Lunch was prepared by Spice Edge Foods and it includes steamed basmati rice, halogen grilled chicken, carrot sauce and steamed vegetables. Each food item in the lunch was prepared under the most hygienic condition. There was no addition of artificial flavors and the veggies were sourced from an organic farm. We also had tigernut drink and oat chocolate cookies which are also free of artificial additives.


This session properly covered the networking aspect of the program. There was exchange of business cards with some business owners already closing deals. Those that brought their goods for sale had a nice display area and trust us ladies, we bought some fashion items, fitness equipment and organic products that caught our fancy.


I gave the closing speech by recapping what SlimFitU is all about. I also welcomed the new members to the most loving and supportive female community and expressed my gratitude to them for making out time to lunch with me. The program ended on a satisfactory note with the attendees already looking forward to the next edition.


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My name is Hafsah Agbabiaka. I am the lead coach at Slim Fit U Solutions. I am a Clinical Pharmacist and Certified Health Coach. Thank you for lunching with me yesterday, I look forward to hosting you again. If you haven’t done so, do join our online forum to get support, encouragement and love on your journey to healthyliving. Health Lunch With Hafsah wraps up the First Edition of Fit August. Thank you again for allowing me be with you as you journey to optimal health.