How to control food cravings at night

Diving into chips and other junk foods after night meals is fast becoming a trending unhealthy addiction. Most people are not able to control this obsession because of their lifestyle such as getting home late from work and too tired to put together a healthy dinner.

This post provides help and information for controlling your late night cravings, so you can embrace healthy eating.

Understand yourself

Knowing the right quantites and type of foods you need to eat will help you a long way. We all have different reasons for late night food cravings; some of just want to get busy while watching TV, while others love to snack after some types of meals.

Some people just have to eat late at night due to inevitable reasons, like the example mentioned in the first paragraph. However, in this case, it is important to rearrange your schedule and fix your meal times to reasonable hours of the day to make sure you eat at appropriate hours. Remember, health is wealth.

Summarily, understand yourself first and seek to provide solution to your cravings.

Be low on simple carbs and high on proteins

Simple carbs such as white bread and white rice have a way of making you filled up immediately you take them and very hungry after some minutes because they break down just as fast as you eat them. Replace these foods with complex carbohydrates and include healthy proteins in your diet. Pick your dinner carefully, and eat as early as you can.

Early to bed

Staying up late in the night to watch TVs, or do some work can increase your cravings because at these times, you get hungry. Don’t put yourself in a helpless situation, always go to bed early as early as you can.

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If your schedule involves working late into the night, try to restructure your work plan if possible, so that you can sleep early and evade night cravings. Early to bed early to rise makes a man HEALTHY, wealthy and wise. Remember?

Disgust yourself with unpleasant choices

As unusual as this idea sounds it works just fine for a lot of people. If you have something that disgusts you, it can serve as a reminder for you to stop taking late nights junks.

Distract yourself

You can chat up your friends, finish your homework, write in your diary, or do any other choice chore. If you get busy with productive task, you will think less of food and even be able to ignore false ignore pangs.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. Do not forget to share with that your late night food craving friend.