How to make up your mind to lose weight

To lose weight, as in really lose weight, you need to be consistent in your program. Consistency requires determination and a strong will. This means that you need to get serious about shedding that extra pounds of flesh. Below are some tips to help you make up your mind to lose weight:

Picture yourself in your desired new weight

Think of all the activities that you find difficult to do due to your excess weight. Picture yourself in that dress you so much love but cannot wear because of too much extra flesh. Also, think of the health issues that are linked to excess weight and see yourself living healthy without having to deal with any of those issues.

You should think of all the aforementioned and let them serve as motivation to get you started on your weightloss journey.

Listen to or read weightloss success testimonials

By getting familiar with people who have gone through the weightloss phase and their stories, you will find yourself wanting to also start your own journey.

Most of these people are always glad they made up their minds and you would see their faces glow whenever they recount their experience. Each of them also has a unique narrative that includes the stage at which they realised they are overweight.

You should seek out these people for the much needed encouragement and positivity.

Get a weightloss/fitness coach

A weightloss coach is not just someone who will force you to eat ugly food or exercise. He/she is also there to guide you, motivate and give you some gentle nudges to help you make up your mind.

A good coach would breakdown the concept of weightloss in such a way that you will now see it as a lifestyle. This is against the hypes that you are probably bombarded with by “magic” weightloss outfits.

Making up your mind to lose weight is not rocket science. Look within you, picture your future self, get familiar with those who had previously lost weight. Finally, speak with a coach.

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