How to track your weightloss progress


A lot of people depend on the weighing scale to measure their weight loss. They are doing everything right , eating right, working out and yet the numbers on the scale are not changing, they get disappointed and frustrated.

Relying on the weighing scale alone to measure one’s progress is not the best. This is because the scale measures water, muscles and fat in your body. Also, food and hydration makes your weight fluctuate.

There are several other accurate ways to track your weight loss progress.


Your ability to do a lot of things which ordinarily was tasking for you to do before due to the fact that your energy level has increased. It could also mean how long you are able to exercise, than before or the fact that you can now do those ones that seemed hard for you before.


Your muscles have gained flexibility and they can do more

Body measurement using measurement tapes

This is done by measuring body parts with a measuring tapes. The body parts to be measured are;

– Bust

– Chest, under your nipples

– Waist, the narrowest part in your stomach

– Abdominals, on top of your belly button

– Hands, both right and left

– Hips, widest part of your hips

– Thighs, the biggest part of both thighs

– Calves , both legs

Do these once every month. This tells you easily when there are changes. Measure in front of the mirror to be sure you are placing the measuring tape correctly.

How your clothes fit

This is measuring changes in how easily you get into your clothes. If a cloth that has been getting tight for you now seems easy for you to wear, then you know you have lost inches. Or if your clothes no longer fit, then you know you are losing weight.

Compliments from family and friends

If your friends and family start making comments such as “Oh! You have lost weight!”, then know that indeed you have lost weight. Especially if they haven’t seen you in months.

Do not measure your weight everyday or every week. If you use any of these other methods to track your progress, you will find out that there are indeed a lot of changes.