SlimFitU’s Health Seminar 2017 – Obesity and Depression

obesity and depression

Without mincing words, I need to let you know that obesity causes depression and depression causes obesity.

When you are depressed, you tend to binge eat, and you might even exhibit some other eating disorders due to your psychological state.

Likewise if you are obese, you might become depressed due to several issues, examples of which are:

  1. Being a victim of body shaming
  2. Not getting results on time when you try to burn fat
  3. Lack of self confidence
  4. Having to battle with the health consequences of being obese, etc

I know you have multiple questions running through your mind right now such as:

  1. Am I obese?
  2. Will I become obese?
  3. I am obese, will I suffer depression?
  4. How do I know if I am depressed?
  5. I am depressed, will my depression lead to obesity?
  6. How do I overcome my depression?
  7. I want to be fit, how do I start my fitness journey?
  8. How do I grow self confidence?
  9. I want to achieve optimal health, who do I talk to?
  10. And so much more….

Slow down friend, all of your questions and needs have science backed and workable answers, which is why I am inviting you to join me and certified practitioners to discuss DEPRESSION and OBESITY. See details below:

Date: Saturday 18th November, 2017

Time: 9am – 3pm

Venue: Pinnacle Training Hub, 14 Muritala Eletu Street behind Suburf Plaza beside Shoprite by Osapa London Jakande Lekki .

Admission is absolutely free, come with your loved ones

Will you join us?

With love,

Hafsah Agbabiaka
Clinical Pharmacist & Certified Health Coach