Practicable fun ways to lose weight daily

It is on record that about 3500 calories add up to make a body pound. To lose these amount of calories per day, you need to continuously expend energy or cut down your calories consumption or engage in exercises like cardio and aerobics to burn fat. Now this two options seem like a big deal because giving up your favorite junk and exercising regularly are no child’s play.

The aim of this week’s publication is to present you with techniques you can use to burn calories without doing any hardwork. Remember that I am an advocate of 80/20 — weightloss has more to do with what you eat than how you exercise. Also, consistency is the best approach to whichever method you adopt for your journey; it is better to exercise 40 minutes per day everyday than to workout 2 hours a day twice in a week.

Below are some activities you can integrate with your daily routine to burn calories

  • If your office located in a storey building ditch the elevator and use the staircases to and fro. You can’t imagine how many calories you will burn with this little exercise.
  • What about standing? If you have an interesting novel you can stand reading it and because you are fascinated by the novel, you could actually be standing for up to 3 hours unknowingly and this cutting of calories add up over time.
  • Do you feel so lazy to workout? Do not worry, inculcate the habits of trekking to your favorite mall for shopping, and if luckily for you the mall is a storey building, aim to shop on the third or fourth floor. Use the staircase to get to your destination, and after shopping use it again to descend, not the lift or elevator.
  • You could deliberately be a little late for work, an event or an occasion, so that you could either be walking briskly or almost running or jogging to get to your destination.
  • You can also expend energy while sitting, the aim is not to sit still while on your seat. You could recline on your chair or be tapping your leg on the floor, turning, twisting, leaning forward and backward. All these little movements are exercises that you expend energy to do and it simply means cutting down calories and ultimately losing weight.
  • Don’t make that call or use the intercom if you need anything in the same building. The trick is make that to and fro messaging, dropping of files or any activity yourself by getting up to do them instead of using another person or technology. This goes a long way to help you expend energy and cut calories.

Which of these activities do you love?