Seven spices that fight obesity in the body

Spices are easily the most overlooked category of food. Meanwhile, they do not only add flavor and taste to meals, spices also fight obesity in the body. A spice, as described on Wikipedia, may be a seed, fruit, root, berry, bud or vegetable. Common spices include, nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper etc.

Spices are basically underestimated because most people believe they are of no value other than to add attractive aromas to meals. They are majorly used in cosmetics, medicine and religious rituals.

However, a fact unknown to many people is that spices tend to add to the calorie composition of the body, despite the fact that many spices contain high portions of fat, protein, and carbohydrate by weight. They are ingredients that not only add flavor to your favorite dishes but help fight obesity in your body.

Here are a few of the spices that helps enhance your well being.


Ginger, a flowering plant that originated from China is popularly known for its cooking usefulness and its medicinal properties. It improves movement and flow in the intestine. It is useful in easy digestion.

It contains several oils, which gingerol happens to be the most important. Not only is ginger useful in guarding against obesity, it drastically lowers blood sugar and it may significantly reduce menstrual pain.

spice-991101_640Black Pepper

Also known as piperine, research shows that black pepper reduces fat levels in the bloodstream and is also an antioxidant. It has been known to combat gastrointestinal problems, inflammation, and other problems. Black pepper is not of medicinal benefit alone. Athletes and bodybuilders also benefit from the fat-burning benefit of black pepper.


This is a spice that is not so popular in Nigeria. It is a spice that boosts metabolism and is also regulates blood sugar. It makes an ideal recipe for diabetic patients, particularly people with type 2 diabetes. There are two major types of cinnamon, ceylon cinnamon and cassia cinnamon. 

Since high blood sugar level can develop to increased fat storage, cinnamon guards against this by improving insulin function, in turn causing weightloss.


Also known for its use in boosting energy level and metabolism. A common type of ginseng, known as panax ginseng has been linked to weightloss.


Cumin is a medicinal spice that has been discovered to enhance memory. It is useful for digestion and energy production and also a major recipe in improving glycemic control in people with type 2 diabetes.

Garlic and onions

These spices are surplus in Nigeria. They contain phytochemicals that are capable of breaking down fatty deposits in the body at the same time breaking down cholesterol, killing viruses and bacteria, and also guarding against heart disease.garlic-1144921_640

Cayenne pepper

It boost metabolism just like other spices and can aid the body in burning excess fats. It is a good a appetite suppressant, and it also helps to reduce calorie intake.

Which of these spices are you adding to your dish today? Tell us in the comments section.

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  • MAC

    “All of them being used”. No wonder d slimness all d way. Lol. Nice write up
    Pictures of each spice can be added for recognition by readers.

    • admin

      Thanks for the suggestion, we will include the pictures. cheers

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    Outstanding post, you have pointed out some wonderful points, I too believe this is a very excellent website.

  • Fatimah mumuni

    Very are one in a million.
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  • Raheemah

    Ma sha Allah, well done. The information you dole out really add value to me. Thank you. Is ginseng easily accessible in Nigeria in its natural form? I see mostly in already made products. kindly give me where I could get it.

    • Hafsah Agbabiaka

      Thank you Sis. You may contact this phone number, the owner placed an advert for sales of raw ginseng on a certain website. You could also look into these Indian supermarkets, they do stock numerous roots and herbs.

  • Abdsalam Basiirah

    Jazakhumllah sis, i really enjoyed ur write-up.
    Barkallah fii. i cant wait to b one of ur student

    • Hafsah Agbabiaka

      You are always welcome. Register for my free weightloss programme here


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