Snap out of depression with routine exercise


Happiness is a choice; one that we do not all find easy to make. But depression is a monster with heinous claws that sink deep into the very essence of our being.

It is a demon that attacks in those low moments, when we wish for different lives. Devouring the soul, it makes the body weak and the spirit helpless.

Snap out of it! But we all know the only easy thing about that is in the saying. The real victory comes at no cheap cost.

The good news is; a recent research by Emily Bernstein, a graduate student at Harvard University Clinical Psychology, and her adviser, Psychologist Dr. Richard McNally, published in the Journal Cognition and Emotion, suggests that you can actually make an investment towards quick recovery from depression by participating in aerobic exercise.

Their research method involved 40 men and 40 women who were given a questionnaire, which gauged their emotional mood, to complete. Afterwards, they were subjected to a 30 minute jog or stretch. Following the period of exercise, these men and women were shown a sad clip from the 1979 movie ‘The Champ.’ Again, another questionnaire was administered to measure their emotional regulation.

In succession, these men and women were shown an amusing scene from the 1989 film ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ following which they completed the questionnaire again.

A comparison of the data from the questionnaires revealed that the exercises, stretching and jogging, did not instantly boost mood nor did it prevent people from reacting strongly to the sad clip.

However, the difference was observed in the rate at which the respondents bounced back after the sad clip. Those subjected to the 30 minutes of jogging were able to better regulate their emotions after the sad clip than those who participated in the 30 minutes of stretching.

The respondents who jogged and responded strongly to the sad clip, were more able to pull themselves together to enjoy the amusing clip than the men and women who merely stretched for 30 minutes.

This holds great promise in preventing depression. You do not have to give in. You can prevent depression by participating in aerobic exercises.

This, along with other benefits of exercise such as better coordination, better brain power, better muscle strength, longevity, better health, and lots more, should get you hitting the gym for regular hours of work out, or the road for a sweaty session of road walk, or the swimming pool for that body chiseling laps.

A quick way of fighting off depression with exercising is to get busy whenever you feel down, it can be a simple exercise or any positive movement that puts you in a good mood. Sadness be gone!