5 ways to avoid tiredness at work after eating

avoid tiredness at work after eating

Getting tired after a meal is quite common and normal due to various reasons such as release of a chemical in the brain called Adenosine. This chemical is mostly at its peak before bedtime and it also increases in the afternoon after lunch. Tiredness after a meal can also be due to the kind of food you take among all other reasons.

If you feel tired after eating at work, it can be controlled by following the eating guide below.

1. Eat food that is rich in protein

To avoid tiredness at work after eating you should include food that is rich in protein because protein slows down your digestion and prevents you from getting tired after eating at work. This is possible as food rich in protein prevent the rise and flow of blood sugar.

2. Do not skip breakfast

We all know how important breakfast is to the entire body. Studies have also shown that taking breakfast helps to reduce your level of appetite during the day; thus, preventing you from eating unhealthy lunch which can get you tired at work.

Also, taking breakfast can increase your energy level at work which prevents you from feeling tired. On a final note, do visit your doctor if you get tired after a meal more often than normal.

3. Eat healthy mid-afternoon snack

Snacks that contain lots of sugar breaks down into glucose in your body increasing your blood sugar level. The increase in blood sugar leads to an increase in insulin which makes your brain produce sleep-inducing melatonin and the neurotransmitter serotonin, which can make you feel drowsy and tired. Avoid the temptation to eat chocolate, instead, choose a piece of fruit. Also, pick some crackers with low-fat or a handful of almonds instead.

4. Reduce your caffeine intake

Caffeine is known for promoting alertness and also prevents people from getting tired. However, coffee, tea and cola are short-term solutions for sleepiness because too much intake of caffeine can reduce effectiveness over time. Increasing your caffeine intake is unhealthy because you can easily end up having too much caffeine, crashing quickly after it wears off each time. Instead, you should take to non-caffeinated drinks to get you through at work. Water is an excellent substitute for caffeinated drinks as it is also important to keep well hydrated throughout the day.

5. Eat in small portions

A large meal weighs you down, making your digestive system over work. If you feel bloated after eating a big meal, you should re-arrange your meal plan and go for a small portion because it will enable your digestive system work more effectively and prevent tiredness at work place.

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Getting one more hour of sleep for a better life

‘If you spend six hours sleeping daily, on your 80th birthday, you would have spent 20 years of your life sleeping, and that amount to a quarter of your life.’

You might have heard this before, and probably felt guilty about enjoying a good night of sleep. But maybe it is not bad after all to sleep for that long.

There is a need to ponder what benefits sleep hold.

Just like an automobile, you cannot continue to drive the engine endlessly, without oiling, fueling, or servicing for optimum performance. If you do, you are set to see the end of your machine. So, sleep is your body refreshing, repairing and getting ready to refire.

Research has shown that sleeping enough will make you look more attractive and reduce your chance of getting ill.

Regular and adequate sleep also helps you to make better informed decisions, keep you in a good mood, enhance your sex life and helps you maintain a nice physique.

Here is what enjoying that one more hour of sleep means to your body:

More brain power

Just before that big day, when you need your brain to be alert, you should ensure to have adequate rest. This gives your brain the extra ‘gusto’ you desire. Nothing spoils your day and keeps your brain dull than the groggy feeling of poor sleep. For a clearer thinking, you need to throw in that one more hour of sleep.

Better Mood

She is a mother of two. Did I mention that they are twins and just 4 months old? She spent all her nights fulfilling her motherly duties to her babies. She is your boss, and you complained about her being cranky. That is what nights of poor sleep does. To keep your mood upbeat and affable, you should learn to get adequate sleep.

Better Productivity

This sums it all up. For optimum productivity, adequate sleep is very important. Driving the engine for that long hours does not necessarily yield the optimum result. Period of rest; when you check the oil level, refuel, grease moving parts, file blades and pamper your machine is what makes the whole difference. The same applies to your body.

The effects of adequate sleep cannot be overemphasized. When you do not sleep enough, it becomes difficult to take in new information.

When you learn during the day, it is very important that you give your body enough sleep, in order to retain and process all of the information that you have acquired.

Adequate sleep is part of the mechanisms that ensure your body performs its function under optimal conditions. And what do we say; ‘You cannot cheat Nature!’ Continuously depriving your body of sleep means no refreshing, and no repairing.

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