How to remain motivated through your weightloss journey

It is usually not easy to set a goal and remain on track towards achieving it. You need strong will and some motivation to keep you going whenever you set a goal. When you make up your mind to lose weight, you may begin to notice that holding on to your resolve is not as easy as you made it.  You may start getting discouraged due to obvious reasons like not seeing the results immediately, not getting supports and missing your favorite junks.

These attitudes lead to failure because one major factor you need to achieve your weightloss goal is motivation. Self motivation and external motivation are very important keys that will keep you going if you want to see a lasting result from your efforts.

I have come up with a list of five practiceable and realisitic tips that will help you remain motivated through your weightloss journey. Here they are:

1. Write down your weight loss goals

Write down the exact goal you want to achieve on paper. Make sure it is measurable and timebound. Your goal could be to lose 5kg in 15 days. Put down reasonable and realistic goals and match them with equally realistic time frame. Don’t be too hard on yourself so as not to give up easily.

2. Join a support group

Find a like minded group in your neighborhood and liaise with them to achieve your goals. A support group is just like having teammates because they look out for one another and a weightloss group is not an exception. You would be encouraged by the positive result of others and stay motivated to keep on moving despite all odds. So help your weightloss journey with a good support group.

3. Add colorful meals to your diet

Most weight watchers make the mistake of eliminating colorful meals from their lives. The best bet is to replace the colorful unhealthy option with beautiful healthy meals. You do not have to cut out your favorite meals completely, just start with a reduction while indulging more on the healthy meals. Then gradually switch up things, that way you would stay on track than the fast method you wouldn’t be able to maintain.

You could stock up your refrigerator with healthy foods, keep your fruits in a bowl and near places you could easily get a bite if need be. Replace your white pastries with whole grain pastries and add a lot of veggies to it.

4. Set a new target

As you stay motivated, you will get to know what works and what does not work. If you set new targets as you improve, you will find that you are working on a more feasible and realistic goal. This will help you achieve your weightloss dreams faster and efficiently.

5. Celebrate your victories

Keep yourself motivated and encouraged by celebrating even the tiniest of achievement. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. This will pep you up and motivate you to want to do more. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep on moving and you will start to see the big and visible result.

If you need some gentle nudges for your weightloss journey, do not hesitate to contact us as we offer both group and one-on-one support for fitness and healthy lifestyle modifications.

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Invitation to our free weightloss programme

We have opened our doors once again for you to join in our free weightloss programme. We held the same programme in August in form of a consultation for ten lucky people, most of whom have joined the SlimFitU group for their entire weightloss journey.

SlimFitU’s free weightloss programme for December/January

Similarly this time around, we need just few people who are serious about losing weight in order to become fit, and those who want to learn lifestyle modifications on how to live healthy without compromise.

We don’t do hypes, wonder diets or artificial supplements. We do workable diet made up of everyday food and moderate fitness routines.

Come and experience the effectiveness of weightloss coaching, group support and gentle nudges. Register here. Terms and conditions apply.

Registration closes next Friday, 23 December, 2016.

Please share with your loved ones. Healthy living is happy living.

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Get on the weightloss train with SlimFitU

Weightloss is a phase of life that most people pass through. For women, some add weight during pregnancy, others during the nursing period. Even the stress of juggling family and career can lead to an increase in weight. As such, we look into different programs or fitness routine to help us lose weight.

SlimFitU is a weightloss group that offers group support for your weightloss needs. We do not believe in hypes, we do not do magic or promise that you will lose 100kg in two weeks!

Instead, we analyse your health history, and come up with meal plans and fitness routines that are tailored to your lifestyle.

Why you should join us for your weightloss journey

The beauty of this group is that you do not have to take your weightloss journey alone. Aside the personalised one on one coaching, a community of women who are on the same journey awaits you. They are eager to give you encouragement and gentle nudges all the way.

At SlimFitU, fitness is a lifestyle. If you have been regarding weightloss as a mysterious journey or an unattainable feat, being in our midst will help you burst that myth and expose you to a whole new world of losing weight seamlessly.

See some of our members testimonials below:

Barr. Sola Lawal

SlimFitU has helped me maintain a healthy weight cum BMI through maintaining a consistent healthy lifestyle that includes healthy eating and regular strength and cardio exercises.

Starting with baby steps and going at my own pace as I’m not in competition with anyone” is our individual mantra at SlimFitU.

Mandatory daily feedback on food and exercises has made it almost impossible not to comply.

Fatimah Kehinde Omoyele

My weightless success story started in October when my friend added me to a group she’d formed for healthy eating habits, workouts and general weightloss tips.

Sincerely, at first, I was totally uninterested because I’d been dealing with weight issues for over 9 years and had tried all sorts of program without success. After about a week in the group, I decided to give it a trial. I followed the eating and workout tips and within 6 months I was down by over 25kg. From 98 to 72kg!

It hasn’t been without any challenge but the support from SlimFitU has been wonderful. I have successfully kept majority of the weight off, I’m more active and I feel really great.

See more testimonials here

What are you waiting for?  Click here to start your weightloss journey with me now.

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