These eight eating habits will help you lose weight fast

Losing weight is no longer rocket science, as it has been discovered that little changes to diet content, mild exercises and modified lifestyle can do the magic.

Have you been depending on weightloss drugs, surgeries, and advanced technology to lose weight? Worry no more because the following minor tweaks and adjustments can add up to save calories and help quicken your goal of fast and lasting weightloss.

Here are eight eating habits that will help you lose weight fast

1. Prepare healthy meals ahead of hunger

Change or modify your eating habit of preparing foods only when hungry. With the intense of hunger you may grab whatever is available, which are mostly unhealthy options. So to consume more weightloss friendly foods, prepare your foods ahead of mealtime.

2. Eat in smaller bowl

Putting foods in big plates naturally means heaping your plate with more calories. So load foods in smaller bowl, that way you trick your brain to believe you are eating a lot, which results in the consumption of fewer calories.

3. Add flavor to your water

The role of water in weightloss journey cannot be over-emphazied. Apart from cleansing, it makes you feel full without taking in calories. But some people claim that water is tasteless, they’d rather take more of tasty liquids. The trick to take in tasty liquids without calories is to add flavour to your water. You may squeeze in lemon, lime or berries so as to add some cool taste to it.

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4. Quench hunger with water trick

Most times hunger masquerades as thirst. The secret is when you feel hungry in-between meals, you might just need to drink a glass of water and wait for some minutes to see if you still feel hungry. If you feel full afterwards, you would have saved yourself from consuming unwanted calories.

5. Avoid eating too fast

If you eat in a haste, you are more likely to gulp down more food than necessary and of course the satiety rate from the brain kicks in late. So the trick is to eat slowly, take smaller bites and spend time to chew. Within a short period, the brain will trick the body to feel full even when you have just ate little food.

6. Add more metabolism revving veggies

A recent study has postulated that adding spices, salsa or chilli pepper to food does not only add flavor but can actually speed or rev up your metabolism. So take advantage of this trick daily by adding more of chilli veggies to your dishes.

7. Use the portion control trick

Be a winner in your weightloss journey by apportioning your meals. Let whatever you want to eat be your hand fist size. Eat whatever you want but take more of the healthy options and maintain recommended portion size.

8. Flee from temptation

Get yourself off places, event or people who add more damage to your weightloss goal. Try to avoid living in the kitchen, attend get-together only when necessary, organise fruits party if there is need to party. Let fast food joint be the last place on your mind. Basically, keep all temptation at bay.

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