What a balanced weightloss plan should include

The science of weightloss has to do with diet and exercise. This is the most important thing to know. But how people eventually mix up diet and exercise strategies in their weightloss plan sometimes does not work. Plus, there are lots of weightloss advices and ideologies that go around.

Having a balanced weightloss plan is necessary, so that you get results and save resources. To do this, you need to know what the plan should include and forget about anything else.

Here are the main things to include in your routine to have a balanced weightloss plan

Whole fresh natural food (not junks)

The best diet plan for weightloss must mainly include fresh natural foods that can satisfy you and keep you from going hungry before your next meal. It most also contain less sugars, more protein and moderate level of healthy fats. This definitely cannot include snacks and junks.

Track food intake

Keeping record of what you eat is the main deal. After making commitments to a healthy diet, many people still get to take snacks. If you keep a simple food journal, you would be able to actually see what you take in.

Dr. Eduardo Grunvald, obesity medicine specialist and medical director of the University of California San Diego Weight Management Program, says, ‘you don’t have to count calories’ to get results.

Sweat out

Without a healthy diet, exercise would not work for weightloss. A healthy diet and moderate exercise would do so much. This does not have to be at the gym.

Walk or run around your neighbourhood, go biking or do exercise indoors, ‘anything to get your heart rate up’, Christina Stiehl, health and fitness staff writer for Thrillist writes.


Inadequate water intake can result to obesity, according to a study on ‘inadequate hydration, BMI, and obesity’ by Tammy Chang, et al, of the University of Michigan.

Water, plenty of water, cannot be left out of a balanced weightloss plan. Even after losing weight, water has many other health benefits like detoxification.

Track your weight

Monitoring your weight weekly or monthly ‘can help you stay focused on your goal’, Dr. Grunvald says. You must not let your weight discourage or scare you. You need to keep track of the weight to measure how much weight you are losing with your weightloss plan.

Groups and communities

Apart from all the diet and exercise strategies in your weightloss plan, Dr. Grunvald, says, the biggest factor in losing weight is ‘making sure you have a good support system’.

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It is important to have people to help you make good weightloss choices. Connecting with ‘people going through the same journey’ is helpful too, Christina Stiehl writes.