The whats and whatnots of weightloss smoothies

Smoothies are great for weightloss. This is because they are usually low-calorie and nutrient-laden. One can also control the ingredients.

Smoothies really taste great and help you lose weight if they are well prepared. Smoothies that taste great and work well for weightloss usually contain certain ingredients and cannot not include some others. These are the whats and whatnots:

The whats


Avocado, also known as alligator pear, is a great source of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. It is a preferred thickener for healthy smoothies. It gives smoothies that signature creaminess.


Generally, berries are high in fiber. They also work as antioxidants. Berries add flavour to smoothies without adding high level calories and sugar. Any kind of berry will do, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, etc.

Leafy greens

Green leaf vegetables are loaded with phytonutrients and low in calorie. They have high fiber content as well. Ryan Carmody, author of ‘15 Simple Healthy Smoothie Recipes‘, advises that one should rotate one’s greens on a regular basis.


Smoothie recipes usually require milk or juice to mix up. But to reduce calorie and sugar levels, it is best to mix with tea, water or ice. Green tea is particularly suitable for weightloss and can replace juice.

The whatnots

Canned fruits or vegetables

Because canned fruits and vegetables often have added preservatives or sweeteners, they usually have high level of calories and sugars which make them cause weight gain instead of weightloss. Fresh commodities are the best, if fresh ones are unavailable then use frozen ones, but avoid canned ones by any means. Many canned foods have lost a great amount of nutritional value.


If you are thinking weightloss, then you must forget about sugars. No room for sugars in weightloss smoothies. If you are making very sweet smoothies, then you are probably overusing sweeteners and adding too much sugars. Honey is a more natural and low-calorie sweetener that you can use.


Most diary products have very high calories and it is best you avoid adding them in your smoothie, especially milk or ice cream. Some diary products are exceptions to this, like raw milk which is high in protein and low in sugar, Carmody suggests.

Fruit juice

Fruit juice has low nutritional value and is high in sugar and calorie. Most juice contain sweeteners and preservatives, and they have lost the fiber of the whole natural fruit.

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